The Prison MicrophoneBrandon Landry is a Prison Counselor with a trusted reputation, but he’s not always a nice guy. On the outside he seems to have a happy marriage, but things are changing.

Brandon connects with his passion to save young people from the destructive jaws of crime and chooses to circumvent the prison system by recording life term inmates speaking from the heart about the uncensored realities of prison life. The risk that Brandon takes are seemingly impossible. The inmates are reluctant, but agree to participate in this covert project.

The prison system is now suspicious, and begins to investigate Brandon.

A mysterious man communicates with Brandon, but his origin remains unknown. Brandon is later faced with some health crisis that leads to a diagnosed serious illness.

A young boy named Blake associates with criminals, but begins to listen to the prison recordings in his headphones. At the last second, Blake is forced to make a decison that could change his life in unexpected ways.

~Will Brandon Landry succeed in his risky quest to save young lives, and at what cost?

~Will young Blake make the choice you wish your child would make?

~Will the inmates reveal things we never knew existed?

~Who is that mysterious man, and what is his purpose?

“The Prison Microphone” Is an intriguing story, A purpose driven story of the passion to save young lives, intertwined with the sacrifces to achieve the elusive and sometimes impossible victory.

What would you do?