Broderick Lee Lewis

PortraitPerfect517-2Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready is the motto that Broderick Lee Lewis aspires to achieve. He believes that each day is an opportunity to do better than you did yesterday. He has proven his skin in the game dedication by independently financing all of his projects thus far.

He creates projects to help us remember how we use to exist as independent¬† thinkers, coexisting with supportive dependency. It is Broderick’s intent to deliver projects with a flair of entertainment, infused with thought provoking elements to inspire thinking outside the box of our existence.

Broderick Lee Lewis is an accomplished director, producer and published author residing in Los Angeles California. A world traveler who enjoys the simplistic pleasures of life.

Directors Message

I have had the pleasure of travel to most parts of the world, and one thing I know is true, no matter where you go, the sky is blue and the grass is sometimes green. The people around the world find happiness in their own reality that is often abstract to our own. Those international cultural experiences awakened the insignificance of my existence. This is the essence of my motivation….the choice between sucking up good oxygen in a life without meaningful impact OR a purpose driven life with long lasting impactful substance.

Our goal is to secure corporate grants and individual donations totaling $250,000 to completely fund this micro budget film project. We are currently in the pre-production stage of this completed feature length screenplay. Our film crew positions are currently pending and casting is open. To date we have secured a team of professional musicians for the film score.

Of course, there will be the invisible cyber critics attacking various aspects of this project, but as you write your caustic negativity …ask yourself, What have you done in this life that stands for something? What have you done that makes people think and possibly persuade someone towards positive life changing behavior?

The doubtful naysayers are encouraged to keep your money in your pocket. I need the positive financial reinforcement from those who are driven to be a part of something bigger than us. I am confident that this message will resonate with those who believe in my mission.