Our society is balanced on the foundation of assumption, perceived trust and treadmill progress. While we ride the wave of unreal reality, engaging the conceptual formula of piss on me and tell me it’s raining as long as it’s entertaining.

Filtered, fluffed and sanitized with an attractive flair, ending the day with a false sense of security and cozy contentment. The deceptive bubble that we live in, aimlessly directs us through a maze of superficially “fair and balanced” concoctions labeled as news and entertainment.

Abra cadabra! Don’t talk about it and it will go away. What I should say and what I want to say battles in my brain and most of the time the right thing comes out in the politically correct format.

We often speak of raising one’s conciousness, but we conduct our lives as though we have no conscience. Encouraged by the philosophical view of “be yourself” with the silent caveat of as long as it’s within the accepted morays of today’s society.

We all need and want the same fundamental ingredients in life like happiness, love, devotion, security and the joy of accomplishments. We often go about pursuing these goals in a variety of interpretive ways. We also have an innate desire to be validated, whether it be for our accomplishments or just simply as a person with significant existence.

Unfortunately we often adopt extreme measures towards accomplishing the goal of personal validation. The results are often plagued with consequences that domino into a ball of confusion. We measure how good we are by the actions of someone bad. We measure how smart we are by the supposed inadequate intellect of others. The adage of common sense not being common proves to be a sad sentiment of truth; trapped in the trick bag of following the skewed logic of illogical reasoning.

Fear governs success and stiffles the energy of dreams. Never ever take your thoughts for granted!

Deliberate complacent indifference stops hereā€”its your turn to lead.